Big Game ad impact, at a fraction of the price.

Our ads drove over $100 million of revenue in 2017.
Views are cumulative across all versions on Facebook and YouTube

What is a Harmon Brothers Video?

We’ve pioneered the combination of two disparate worlds: brand advertising and infomercials.

Think: Nike, Apple, RedBull*

*Not our clients

Think: Snuggy, ShamWow & The Clapper*

*Also not our clients
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Brands that need to talk to us:

Although we have marketed many different products and services, in various industries, we have found that our methods lend themselves best to products and services that fit the following criteria:

“The Greatest Viral Ad in Internet History”

- boingboing

Squatty Potty saw what we did for Poo Pourri and figured if anyone can make it okay to talk about the colon it was Harmon Brothers:

  • 600%+ increase in online sales
  • 400%+ increase in retail
  • 66 Million views in 4 months
  • 1 Million Facebook shares in 4 months
“Squatty Potty Brothers Find Gold In Unicorn Poop”

The Purple video that turned an
entire industry on its head.

Harmon Brothers designed the Purple brand and launched the campaign that is turning the $18B mattress industry on its head:

  • Overwhelmed manufacturing
  • Put a new brand on the industry map in mere days.
  • Wildly exceeded ALL expectations (including our own)
“Purple's clever egg test racks up online views, wins fans”

The video that produced results so quickly it required a restructuring of the supply chain

Camp Chef needed a unique angle to release their Woodwind Grill into a quickly growing space. Harmon Brothers didn't stop there:

  • Campaign increased monthly online sales volume by 50x, while lifting all product lines
  • Put a brand new product in the center of the grill & smoker map.
  • Over 14 million views and over 30,000 shares

The Most Shared Political Ad in the History of Social Media

Outperformed any political campaign video ever: including anything by Trump, Clinton, Bernie, or Obama

  • Over 1 Million reactions
  • 60% Organic views
  • Signed up over 100,000 users
"Pro-Gary Johnson "Balanced Rebellion" Ad [Is The] Viral Sensation of this Political Cycle"

Captured the essence of a "Real Mom"

Created an iconic character and family situation that resonated with millions of women across the country, driving brand recognition and doubling sales.

  • Campaign paid for itself within 48 hours
  • Increased sales by over 200%
  • Cost per conversion exceeded all expectations
  • Within a week it had more views than all previous CB videos combined
“Brought in unprecedented numbers of new customers”

The ORIGINAL Poo Pourri smash hit

PooPourri came to Harmon Brothers with the objective of turning a poo product into a dinner-table conversation across America:

  • Campaign ran August 2013 to Jan 2014
  • Boosted web traffic by 13,000%
  • Sold out of inventory and created backorders for weeks
  • More than doubled annual revenue run rate
“Somehow, This Ad About Pooping In Public Is Real”

Business schools across the world
use this campaign as a case study.

Neal and Jeff Harmon co-founded Orabrush with Dr. Bob Wagstaff. This is the campaign that started it all:

  • Used by Google as a poster child for YouTube advertising
  • Launched Orabrush into Walmart and other major retailers
  • Taught as a case study in business schools all over the world

First Ever Live Taping on YouTube

Studio C came to Harmon Brothers seeking new ways to engage and expand their audience. We proposed a never-been-done-before concept: broadcast the taping of their sketches LIVE on YouTube.

  • We wrote and produced the promo videos to spread the word
  • We executed the live event on YouTube
  • 37,000 YouTube comments during the 38 minute taping
  • Aprx 60,000 viewers during taping
  • Collected 14,000+ new fan email addresses

World Record Nativity with The Piano Guys

We were given the task of bringing together some of the biggest names on YouTube to break a Guinness World Record:

  • Sponsored by The Radiant Foundation
  • Includes ThePianoGuys, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, Shaytards, Devin Super T ramp, Cute Girl Hairstyles, Stuart Edge, and many others
  • Covered by over 70 news outlets and 20 YouTube channels BEFORE launch
  • Set the world record for most people in a live nativity scene (1,039)


We don’t set out to win accolades,
but great campaigns with real results tend to get noticed.

Our Team is Your Team

We work with amazingly talented individuals. Our work is largely project-based so we bring specialized talent in depending on each project. Our core team consists of the following multi-talented team players:

Daniel Harmon

Creative Director

Benton Crane

Managing Director

Theron Harmon

Growth Team Lead
Client Happiness

Abe Niederhauser

Optimization Team Lead

Tiffani Barth

Project Manager

Brett Stubbs

Technology Lead
Heir of Elendil

Dave Vance

Lead Writer

Kaitlin Snow Seamons

Lead Video Editor

Shane Rickard

Kryptonian in Hiding

Jonny Vance

Writer & Client Liaison

Tyler Stevens

Director of Photography & VFX

Brett Crockett

Lead Graphic Designer
Cultivator of Premature Gray Hair

Matt Meese

Writer / Eye Candy

Whitney Meek


Stephen Meek


Kristina Clayton

Office Manager

Mike Henderson

Post-Production Omnivore & BTS

Jonah Rindlisbacher

Line Producer
Creative Amoeba

Matthew Faraci

Public Relations

Nick Ritter

Lead VFX

Jeffrey Harmon

Co-Founder & Advisor

Neal Harmon

Co-Founder & Advisor


Our work has been recognized by most major press outlets, including:

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Jeffrey and Neal were contracted by Dr Bob Wagstaff, in 2009, to create the original Orabrush video, Bad Breath Test, and the marketing campaign that drove its success. In October of that year, Jeffrey and Neal co-founded Orabrush Inc with Dr. Bob. Daniel joined Orabrush in 2010. All three Harmon brothers left Orabrush in 2013, and subsequently sold all ownership interest in Orabrush in 2014. Jeffrey, Daniel and Neal created the subsequent Orabrush videos while working at Orabrush as CMO, Art Director, and COO respectively. The Orabrush logo is a registered trademarks of Orabrush Inc. Harmon Brothers LLC makes NO claim of having been commissioned to create the Orabrush videos. They are simply part of Jeffrey, Daniel and Neal’s personal portfolio of work.