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At the heart of every successful campaign is incredible copy. And no one does copy like the Harmon Brothers Writers Room. 

Our copy has powered ads, landing pages, emails, and funnels that have driven over $400 million in sales.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your ad looks or how much you pump into ad spend, if you use the wrong words to sell, you’re sunk.

Introducing The Harmon Brothers Writers Room
Before now, working with the Harmon Brothers team came at premium price. After all, premium results call for premium rates.

But now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Our Writers Room can tackle your scripts, emails, landing pages, or any part of your funnel that needs killer sales copy. And all for the fraction of the price of a regular Harmon Brothers campaign.

Outsource your writing needs to the Harmon Brothers Writers Room and know your copy is being crafted by the best in the business. (brag fully intended)

Writing Services
We can customize writing packages to fit almost any need, but here are some to get the wheels turning:
  • Message Testing: Facebook copy designed to push back on your assumptions and determine who your love group/buyer is and what messaging moves the needle for them.
  • EATS (Easy Ads That Sell): Tests 5 unique sales messages to prove profitability and scalability.
  • Sprint Script: Sales-driven ad written for one spokesperson that reflects your love group/buyers demographic with some comedy sprinkled in.
  • Virtual Sprint Writer’s Retreat: Join us on Zoom and give us feedback in REAL TIME as we write our Sprint script.
  • Full HB Hero Writing Retreat: Enjoy a 2-day cabin getaway brimming with food and inspiration as we write our pies de resistance. This script is filled with personality and humor expertly crafted to drive your sales and increase your chances of virality, with feedback from you every step of the way.
  • Email Series: Welcome/nurture emails, abandoned cart emails, and upsells
  • Copy Punch-up: We’ll take what you have and make it better
  • Landing Page Copy
  • ​Writing Retainer: Have a unique writing project? We’ll figure out the scope and billable hours together.
Request a Quote
Pricing ranges from $150/hr punch up to $50,000 writer’s retreats and we only take on a select number of clients each year. 

Send us your contact & project info and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.
Upon submission, we'll be in touch to talk about how the Harmon Brothers Writers Room can help your marketing meet your vision.
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