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New Harmon Brothers Campaign for ThirdLove Empowers Women to Break Up with Their Bad Bras
“Your Boobs Deserve ThirdLove” Ad Campaign for ThirdLove Reimagines Womens’ Love-Hate Relationship With Their Bras
Provo, UT—February 23, 2021 — Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history, has earned national headlines and over 1.5 billion views for its social blockbuster ads such as Squatty Potty, Lumē, Chatbooks, Purple, among other hits. Today, the renowned social ad makers are teaming up with ThirdLove, the third largest e-commerce intimates apparel brand in the U.S., to introduce a new campaign called “Your Boobs Deserve ThirdLove.” 

"The ThirdLove campaign is built on the simple principle that women deserve a better bra. The intimates industry is full of uncomfortable options, often built on body-shaming and exclusionary messaging. We recognize the complicated process it can be to find the perfect bra match, and this ad gives space for us to laugh at the reality at the extra frustrations and annoyances women face in daily life,” said Mandy Harmon, Creative Director at Harmon Brothers on the ThirdLove campaign. “ThirdLove offers a comfortable and curated solution, helping women to find the best fitting bra through their new ‘Fitting Room’ 3D fit experience and through their inclusive brand messaging that empowers women to look and feel her best.” 
ThirdLove Video Ad
Harmon Brothers took an industry that isn’t known for comedic “real life” advertising and made it relatable to women everywhere. 

Watch the YouTube video here:

Often ads are focused on the fashion and looks of a bra, not function—ignoring the issues women face with their bras throughout their entire lives. Today, women are juggling more challenges than ever in the face of a pandemic, and this ad is perfectly-timed to help bring some comedic relief to one issue that can be solved with a little ThirdLove. 

CLIENT: ThirdLove
ThirdLove Co-Founder & CEO: Heidi Zak
ThirdLove Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Ra'el Cohen 
ThirdLove Vice President of Marketing: Rebecca Traverzo

AGENCY: Harmon Brothers


Bar’Bra Boulders: Elyse Marie Mirto
Jaqueline: Ashley Marie Pettway
Amelia: Giana Angelina Lucia
Nora: Jenny Tran
Coco: Maria Perez Calderon
Chelsea: Chloe Elizabeth Lewis
Mila: Kenna Stewart


Creative Director: Mandy Harmon
Client Relations: Katie Camilletti
2nd CD: Tiffani Kirkham
Director: Alla Volkova
Producer: Brandy Vega
Director of Photography: Bianca Cline
1st AD: Mario DeAngelis
Art Director: Jonas Sappington
Art Assist: Brandon Kimura
Art Assist: Camille Johnson
Art Assist: Dakota Miller
Bra Wrangler: Rhonda Gray
Wardrobe/Stylist: Kathy Eckenbreck
Wardrobe Assistant: Katie Neff
Hair & Makeup Lead: Tara Starling
Hair & Makeup Assistant: Eve Keener
1st AC: Mikkel Richardson
2nd AC: Jon Wertz
DIT: Blake Brust 
Gaffer: Roger Stoddard
Key Grip: Tom Streich
Grip: Payden Button
Day 3 Grip: Kade Riding
VFX Supervisor: Bryson Alley
Craft and Catering: Hanna Bates
Location Scout: Adam Bohl
Sound: Gerald Hartley
Script Supervisor: Kat Peterson
Product Photographer: Cyndie Patri
BTS Photographer: Keith Grover
Casting Director: Alisa Angsley
PA: Nathan Moffett
PA: Adia Vega
Assistant Editor: Kaitlin Snow 
Editor: Kaitlin Snow 
Post Production Supervisor: Bryson Alley 
VFX: Bryson Alley 
Motion Graphics: Gibson Smith 
Audio: Stephen Henderson 
Music: Micah Anderson 
Color: Jaaron Eller

Covid Medic: Robert Crowe
2nd Covid Medic/PA : Warren Workman
Harmon Brothers is the Utah-based video ad agency behind the most viral ad in internet history. Since 2013, the company has created over 30 groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have over 1.5 billion views and helped drive over $400 million in sales.
ThirdLove is a multi-generational women’s lifestyle brand focused on elevated essentials across bras, underwear, loungewear, and more, which are designed to support women feeling effortlessly comfortable and confident. In the Intimates space specifically, the Company is the number one digital bra brand among millennials in the U.S., according to NPD’s 2020 Intimate Apparel Awards. To date, over 18 million women have found their fit with ThirdLove's original Fit Finder® quiz and can now experience the next generation 3D interactive fit and style experience via ThirdLove’s new virtual Fitting Room. ThirdLove supports the broader community through its TL Effect program, created to encourage and support early-stage companies run by female entrepreneurs of color and through the donation of more than $40 million worth of products to women in need. To learn more, visit

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