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Skull Shaver reduced their Cost Per Click, increased wholesale orders by 3X, and supercharged their online sales with Harmon Brothers video in 2022.
Skull Shaver
Skull Shaver reduced their Cost Per Click, tripled wholesale orders, and supercharged online sales in two months. That’s the power of video.
Video marketing is an essential tool for reaching new audiences – 88% of consumers would like to see more video from brands in 2022.

Skull Shaver saw the opportunity to strengthen its brand while also driving sales of their flagship product, The Beast Trimmer, using video marketing. And they decided to partner with Harmon Brothers to make it happen.
40% Reduction in CPC
Wholesale Orders Jumped 3x
Some have worried “the days of paid social are over” following performance hits resulting from Apple’s release of iOS14.5. But Skull Shaver is finding success despite new platform limitations.

“They set us up to make sure we got the most out of the creative,” said Skull Shaver Vice President Peter Gold. 

“We immediately saw a jump in revenue, and within two months the creative had paid for itself.”
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