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Harmon Brothers is the Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history. Since 2013, the company has created numerous groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have over 1.5 billion views and have helped their clients to sell over $700 Million in product and services—and we're constantly looking for the best and brightest to help us achieve our "why:" to Share Better Stories.
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New Harmon Brothers Campaign for ThirdLove Empowers Women to Break Up with Their Bad Bras
New Harmon Brothers Campaign for ThirdLove Empowers Women to Break Up with Their Bad Bras - Today, the renowned social ad makers are teaming up with ThirdLove, the third largest e-commerce intimates apparel brand in the U.S., to introduce a new campaign called “Your Boobs Deserve ThirdLove.”
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Agency Behind Internet’s Greatest Viral Video Ads to Boost Hard-Hit COVID-19 Business with Free Ad Campaign
Harmon Brothers, Creators of the wildly successful video ad campaigns for Poo-Pourri, Squatty Potty, Chatbooks, and Purple, Announces “100K Poop to Gold Giveaway” Contest with Multiple Marketing Prizes for Business Who Make the Best Case, Selling the Agency on Why They Should Win Using the Hashtag #PoopToGold
(PROVO, UT—April 28, 2020) Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind “the greatest viral ad in internet history,” has earned national headlines, more than 1.5 billion views, and helped drive over $450 million in sales with its social blockbusters such as Squatty Potty, Purple, Chatbooks, FiberFix, Poo-Pourri, and Lumē. In order to boost businesses hard-hit by COVID-19, the agency is announcing a giveaway of unprecedented scale: the opportunity to win a Harmon Brothers Sprint advertising campaign—a $100,000 value—for free. 

“In the most challenging economy in modern history, most businesses are faced with a glaring choice: innovate or face extinction. We’ve been through huge challenges as an agency, and learned to take bold risks to drive success for our clients. This experience, coupled with an even greater surge in demand for e-commerce, puts Harmon Brothers in a unique position to help. We are going to help companies that are making a real difference by providing them an opportunity to thrive and win,” said Benton Crane, CEO of Harmon Brothers. “The world needs better stories now more than ever—and we invite entrepreneurs to be creative and scrappy in making their case to us in this contest, so we can in turn make their case to the world.”  
How the Contest Works
  • To enter, companies must share a story about how their service or product is solving a real problem for real people in a post on social media that includes the hashtag #PoopToGold and tags a Harmon Brothers account. Entrants must also submit an application at
  • There will be ten total Winners: One Grand-Prize winner, four Finalists and five Semi-Finalists will be chosen.
  • The grand-prize winner will receive a free Sprint video created by Harmon Brothers. Sprint campaigns are conversion videos that help companies scale their business to millions of dollars in sales. Harmon Brothers has created successful Sprints for companies including Scooch, Lumē, Gabb Wireless, and more.
  • Five finalists will receive free coaching by a Harmon Brothers Creative Director through an “Easy Ads That Sell” (EATS) video.
  • All ten semi-finalists will receive one year of free access to Harmon Brother’s University, an online learning platform launched in 2018, in which the agency has opened its entire playbook for creating ads that brand and sell.
The contest, titled 100K Poop to Gold Giveaway, launched May 1st and ends on May 22nd, 2020. Visit to learn more. 
Harmon Brothers is a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind “the most viral ad in internet history.” Since 2013, the company has created over 20 groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have over 1.5 billion views and helped drive over $400 million in sales.
Lumē Deodorant
Harmon Brothers Return to Their Roots with Top-Performing Ad about Body Odor
New Lumē Campaign Has 7 Million Views and 30,000 Shares, with Sales up 526% After Just One Month; Agency's Latest Ad Uses Song and Dance to Show that Body Odor—Under the Arms or 'Down There'—Has an Easy Fix: Lumē Deodorant, Clinically Proven to Control Odor For 72 Hours
Squatty Potty
Squatty Potty Drops New Video Campaign “Discover the Most Pleasurable Way to Poop”
Squatty Potty Earned Global Fame for its Iconic Prince and Pooping Unicorn; Now the Beloved Brand Adds New Characters to its Fantasy Universe in a New Harmon Brothers-Crafted Campaign
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Harmon Brothers Moves from the Bathroom to the Living Room with New Soap Opera-Themed Campaign “You’ll Never Use Soap to Clean Your Carpets Again After You Watch This Video”
To demonstrate the benefits of the safe, sustainable carpet cleaning product ZEROREZ®, the legendary social media ad agency behind hits like Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, and Purple turn to Latin television drama for inspiration
Camp Chef
Harmon Brothers Launches Mouthwatering New Campaign for Camp Chef “The Secret Weapon of BBQ Perfection”
Featuring a new “Grill God” character and a whole bunch of surprises, the campaign launches to great fanfare at an exclusive Harmon Brothers and Camp Chef Red Carpet grilling event in Provo, Utah complete with dueling grill masters, delectable meats, and celebrated social media influencers.
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New Adorably-Funny Harmon Brothers Cubcoats® Campaign Taps Into Your Inner Child
In a Harmon Brothers First, Agency Releases Two Major Spots Synonymously, Showing How Cubcoats—the Two-in-One Stuffed Animals that Transform into Soft Hoodies—Can Help Kids Develop a World Limited by Only Their Imagination
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Harmon Brothers Follow-Up Digital Scrapbooking Campaign for Chatbooks is a Wild Ride
From Motorcycle-Crushing RVs to Missing Eyebrows, “If you’re a good parent or want to pretend to be one, you need this app” the Sequel to Harmon Brothers Original Blockbuster Ad “Real Mom”—with 100 Million+ Views—Uses Little (and Sometimes Big) Moments to Showcase Parent-Friendly Photo Book App
Vivint Home Automation
Harmon Brothers Launches New Campaign for Vivint SmartHome
The ad makers behind Purple, Squatty Potty, Chatbooks, Poo-Pourri, and other hit social media sensations debut fresh video campaign for Vivint’s comprehensive smart home solution with “This Video Changed the Way I Feel About Robots Taking Over the World”
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FiberFix to Dethrone Duct Tape as the GO-TO Fix-It Item
FiberFix is so durable that a car within a roll-cage built from FiberFix will withstand rolling off a cliff, as seen in this incredible product demonstration.
Vivint Home Automation
Chatbooks, the Viral Social Media Ad Sensation with Nearly 30 Million views, Doubles Down with Exciting New Holiday Spot
The original Chatbooks Ad “Stop Wasting Hours Making Photo Books. This One Takes 1 Minute” has captured the attention of moms everywhere, now there’s a hilarious holiday-themed sequel “Moms, Survive the Holidays with Chatbooks”
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Harmon Brothers is the agency behind the campaigns of these successful brands:
Squatty Potty
Camp Chef
Vivint Home Automation
Squatty Potty
Purple Mattresses
Vivint Home Automation
Benton Crane
Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Crane believes in bringing excellence to everything he does. Starting his career as an automotive repair mechanic, he was honored as the #1 student mechanic in Utah and #2 in the nation. This knack for diagnosing and solving problems led him to study economics and data analytics. In 2011, he was hired by Deloitte in Washington DC where he served as a consultant with various clients across the national intelligence community.

In 2013, he joined newly formed Harmon Brothers for a campaign to promote Poo~Pourri, an internet ad that transformed the way products are marketed. Harmon Brothers went on to produce the most viral ads in internet history, including Squatty Potty, FiberFix, OraBrush, Poo~Pourri, and Purple. 

Crane has managed the agency's growth from its infancy to one of the most sought after ad agencies in the world.
Chief Creative Officer
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Harmon Brothers, Daniel Harmon learned from his door-to-door sales job that the key to successful salesmanship was truly believing in the product. Harmon then started his ad career as a copywriter at DDB Chicago and VSA Partners where he worked on campaigns for global brands such as McDonald’s, Dell, Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Avery Dennison and GE Healthcare.

But it was his work on a breakout campaign for Orabrush that paved the way for the definitive work that would follow. In 2013 as a co-founder of Harmon Brothers, he helped write and creative direct a campaign for Poo~Pourri that revolutionized the way products are marketed. Harmon Brothers has produced internet advertising blockbusters such as Squatty Potty, Purple, Chatbooks, FiberFix and Poo~Pourri.  

Daniel is also the host and creative instructor at Harmon Brothers University, a new school for creators seeking to learn the Harmon Brothers method.
Daniel Harmon
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