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The Story of
Keto Chow
From a product they created for themselves, Chris and Miriam Bair turned a keto-complete shake into a thriving business with over 30 employees—and they’re helping hundreds of thousands achieve their health goals along the way. 
The Challenge: 
Create a campaign that helps put a whole bunch of Keto Chow where it belongs… in the pantries of strangers! Oh—and also to reach $2M in big deal (as you’ll see).
The Outcome: 
Two funny and endearing Harmon Brothers “Hero Lite” video ads helped turn Keto Chow’s investment into millions in revenue. So either a crazy number of people are buying Keto Chow, or one guy is buying way too much. 

Either way, Keto Chow for the win!
The Story:
Years before Keto Chow came to life, Chris Bair found that the ketogenic diet dramatically helped his son who suffered from seizures. The catch? The diet was really unapproachable as a way of life for the rest of the family. This would mean spending a large portion of each day creating separate meals. It wasn’t sustainable for their busy family.

In 2015 and after years of trial and error, Chris developed a keto-friendly meal replacement that was simple to prepare, had all the nutrients that traditional keto misses—and it actually tasted good. Like really good. And he was using it himself to lose weight, so he knew it was effective. The product quickly gained fans and racked up thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon raving about the product (more than our moms ever have about us). 

In the crisp fall of 2018, Keto Chow slid into our DM’s looking for some advertising that would expand their already- growing company. We were impressed by their product, but were also drawn to their story. Part of the reason Chris built Keto Chow was to make Keto more accessible for everyone who needs it. Ultimately After exploring the market, the product—and especially the people—we signed with Keto Chow because their product was already changing lives and we knew we’d be able to bring it to an even wider audience. That, and we were craving some more free samples. 

The Campaigns:
With the goal to represent the best keto meal replacement on the market, we created a hilariously quirky ad answering one question: 

What would happen if the witch from Hansel and Gretel ate Keto Chow instead of kids? 

It’s less graphic than it sounds. The client wasn’t the only one who loved it. In a single year Keto Chow went from hundreds of thousands to several millions in revenue. After making what we can only describe as LITERALLY SO MUCH MONEY, Keto Chow came back for more (just like we did for their shakes). 

In 2020 we collaborated with Keto Chow to create a second ad telling the classic fairy-tale of the prince who couldn’t lose weight until he used Keto Chow. Not familiar with that time-tested classic? Watch it here. In less than six months from the release of that campaign Keto Chow brought in an additional $7.1M. That’s not just a lot of money, that’s a lot of people who finally found a diet that suits them. 

Keto Chow is continually growing as the go-to replacement meal for keto-ites. They’re now in the eight figures in annual revenue. 

Chris made a product that serves everyone, from people trying to lose weight, to people who need Keto for medical reasons, to anyone who wants an easy, healthy meal. We’ve been honored to show everyone that Keto Chow could make their life better, honored to work with fantastic entrepreneurs like Chris and his co-conspirator, Miriam—and hey, we really enjoyed our free samples. 
“Three months after we launched the first ad, our revenue increased 121%. We thought we were prepared, but we were grossly unprepared for just how successful the ad would be.”
Co-Founder, Keto Chow
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