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You’ve built the business. We’re here to help you scale it.
Harmon Brothers Consulting brings world-class creative strategy and world-class marketing direction together for eCommerce brands ready for hyper growth.
In 2020 alone, our Consulting team oversaw $87 million in direct-to-consumer product eCommerce revenue—accelerating our client’s roadmaps and, in some cases, putting them several years ahead of their marketing and business goals.

We provide insights and direction gleaned from some of the largest and fastest-growing eComm brands on the planet so that you can tap into what's working both short- and long-term.
$87M in overseen revenue
$100 Million in client growth
$87M in DTC
10,000 Ad Campaigns Analyzed
We believe consulting services should pay for themselves. Ours do.
For companies spending more than $50K per month in advertising, we’ll make you more money in 2 calls than our fees would cost you for 3 months. It’s that simple. Sound too good to be true? Try it. We’ll back it up.
Data + Strategy = Win
Through our partnership, a bedding company shot up from $4.8MM to $28MM in less than 18 months. 
Results Shouldn’t Take Forever
This appliance business saw 305% growth in 60 days with the help of our Consulting team. With the right strategy, it doesn’t take long to see results. 
7 Figure Growth in 6 Months
This client snapshot (selling on Amazon and Shopify) illustrates 7 figure growth over 6 months in the DTC consumables space.
Why do our clients stick with us long-term?
Simple: they enjoy long-term growth. 

Take this 3+ year client for example. Revenue increase of over 750% and an 84% increase in ecomm conversion rate.
1,576% Increase in Year-Over-Year Revenue
The results from months of website refinements, ad testing, and new channel partnerships is paying off in a big for this client in the health & wellness industry.

We’re not an agency.

Harmon Brothers Consulting operates separately from Harmon Brothers, the ad agency. As a distinct entity, our consultants provide unbiased and impartial guidance, and we never compete with your internal teams or outside resources.

We work with internal marketing teams, external marketing teams, agencies, contractors, etc. As strict consultants, with the sole purpose of helping you maximize your potential.

The Flagship Experience

Each year, we take on a select few who are ready for phenomenal growth but need added support to achieve that potential.

By invitation only, our unique Flagship Accounts benefit from a fractional CMO who directs and facilitates all marketing activities within the organization. Among other activities, the CMO arranges internal teams, external support, vendor relationships and contracts, and orchestrates world-class marketing campaigns that take our Flagship Accounts to the top of their market.

Don’t take our word for it.
Stop waiting.
Start scaling.
We audit, review, and advise on billions of dollars worth of eCommerce revenue. Each year alone, we review and audit 1,000+ companies ranging from startups to those doing more than $350M a year. 

When you’re ready to scale your brand, we’re ready to help.
These results aren’t dumb luck. 
We combine world-class creative with world-class marketing strategy and the best minds in business to create uncommon success.
Chris Stroud
Chris Stroud
Chief Strategy Officer
Theron Harmon
Theron Harmon
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Rachel Rawe
Business Development
Kurt Horn
Kurt Horn
Business Development
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