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Invented in the 1970s, GoTREADS has a great product and a loyal following. But when the pandemic hit in 2020, they were forced to do something different. Their pivot to video ads and ecommerce made all the difference—and did it quicker than they ever expected.
The Challenge: 
Deliver a Sprint campaign that would help GoTREADS take their business to the next level in the middle of a global pandemic.
The Outcome: 
Sales increased by 4,300% in less than one year. Add to it some sweet video proof that the GoTREADS product can rescue ANY car from being stuck— even a firetruck! And when you think about it that way, GoTREADS saved 4,300% more lives, too. Sure, most of those lives were saved from inconvenience and the cost of a tow (not usually life-and-death situations). But still. Pretty awesome!
4300% Revenue Lift
GoTREADS Results
The Story: 
GoTREADS has been selling their ingenious product that helps cars get unstuck from mud, snow, sand, and mud again for 29 years. The product is so reliable, they’re even used by the U.S. military.

The majority of their sales were in retail, and their main strategy for 2020 was to go all-in with trade shows, but those shows were cancelled due to a little bump in the road (some call it a “global pandemic,” sound familiar?) With the shutdowns, their original marketing plan was stuck in the mud.  GoTREADS had to completely rethink their marketing strategy—and it really got their wheels turning if ya know what we mean....(If you’re a dad, that joke was for you.)

Meanwhile, Harmon Brothers was hosting a Poop to Gold Giveaway Contest, offering the ultimate prize of a FREE Sprint campaign to the company—over $180K in value— to the winner. The goal was to give companies a leg up in the dumpster fire that was 2020. A lot of companies were suffering, and we wanted to help our community any way we could (and yeah, also generate some business, but hey, why not kill two birds with one stone?) GoTrREADS found the Poop to Gold Giveaway and threw their hat in the ring. Just entering the contest paid off before they even won the Grand Prize. 

They used principles they learned from Easy Ads That Sell—a course from Harmon Brothers University—and their online sales began to grow. In fact, those same online sales from their Easy Ads That Sell, more-than-replaced their trade show revenue making 2020 their best year in their 29-year history. But that’s not even close to the best part, so don’t stop reading! 
“It was gasoline on the fire. We've seen a lift across Amazon and through our dealer sales too. It has been incredible.”
VP & Creative Director, GoTREADS
The Campaign: 
The grand finale of growth happened after they won the giveaway Grand Prize, a $100K Harmon Brothers Sprint campaign. The pandemic raged on, but so did GoTREADS' efforts. Once they launched the Sprint campaign, their sales responded immediately. The first ten days of January 2021 (one month after releasing the Sprint Campaign), they pulled in 20% of the revenue they’d made the entire previous year. It only got better from there—GoTREADS continued to break sales records each month. 

Half of GoTREADS‘ 2020 sales came in December, the month the campaign launched. To lay it on thick: GoTREADS met their 5 year goal 5 months after releasing their Harmon Brothers Sprint campaign. And if that weren’t enough to make any company weak in the knees, less than one year after launching, GoTREADS grew 4,300%. Rub your eyes and read that again if you have to, because it’s real. GoTREADS could hardly believe it themselves. 

Now, Harmon Brothers Sprint campaigns (the type we created for GoTREADS) are made with a lower budget than many of the ads Harmon Brothers has become well-known for (like Squatty Potty, Purple, Kodiak Cakes and more). Instead of focusing on world-building and comedy first, the focus is on sales with a less-fantastical spokesperson that still maintains an interesting, funny, and engaging edge. 

But like many of our other Sprint clients, GoTREADS proves that you don’t need the biggest and most expensive ad to make a big difference in your revenue. A Sprint can transform your company. And they got one for free, those lucky ducks—talented, well-deserving ducks.

GoTREADS' product is reliable and versatile, so really, anyone with a car, good sense, and a healthy amount of anxiety would want to buy one. All we had to do was spread the word in an interesting and provocative way, so people would stick around long enough to discover GoTREADS. 

To give the people what they want, you have to show them how to get it. And after seeing 4,300% growth in a year, we think it’s fair to say that the people want GoTREADS.

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