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How to Win with Video in 2024 and Beyond: Start with These Five Steps.
As the number of marketers using video continues to grow, competition is becoming more fierce. Choosing a partner who’s mastered the full-funnel approach to video is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your company.
You don’t need anyone to convince you that video can have a huge impact on your business.
But just like a great movie needs more than a great actor to become a blockbuster, a successful video marketing strategy needs more than just a great video. 

The foundation of a successful video campaign is made up of 5 core elements:
1- The Supporting Content
Gone are the days where creating one video and throwing it up on YouTube or Facebook is going to drive sustained results. Today, your brand needs a variety of content pieces tailored to each step of your marketing funnel—Top, Middle, and Bottom of Funnel should all be carefully formulated to give your content the legs it needs for successful ROI.
2- The Right Offer
Too often companies default to a discount and believe that’s what makes a compelling offer. But  reducing your price makes it more difficult to break even, lowers the perceived value of your product, and just isn’t necessary. 

Creating “the right offer” means structuring your products and/or services so that the the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy. If you’re not getting the sales you expect, the first place you should look is your offer—so why not start there? Make sure you have a solid before you launch your campaign.
3- The Sales Funnel
Your video content is often the exciting, flashy part of this whole marketing process. But your sales funnel is where the rubber really hits the road. Your funnel guides your potential customer from wherever they are on the customer journey (awareness, interest, desire, or action) and onto your customer list.
5- The Right Distribution
Too many companies create content and upload it to Facebook and YouTube with a wish and a prayer. We mentioned above the importance of the right content for the right position in your marketing funnel. You also need to be platform-aware when creating your content and planning your distribution. 

Your target market is only part of the equation when selecting media placement. When your content is platform-specific, when you have experienced media buyers who understand the nuances of those platforms, and they know how to succeed despite recent platform and privacy changes, you’re ready to make the most of that video campaign investment.
Bonus: The Right Partner
Harmon Brothers are the pioneers of direct response video marketing that gets results. Having created some of the internet's most successful video campaigns, we know a thing or two about how to grow businesses through video—but the secret is that it requires more than just a great video. 

If you could use some help filling any gaps in your strategy, we're here to help with wherever you’re stuck. Kick things off by requesting a free Golden Nugget Funnel Audit with the form below.
Marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.
Marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.
86% of people would like to see more video from brands.
Stop waiting.
Start scaling.
We audit, review, and advise on billions of dollars worth of eCommerce revenue. Each year alone, we review and audit 1,000+ companies ranging from startups to those doing more than $350M per year. 

When you’re ready to scale your brand, we’re ready to help.
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