Squatty Potty Drops New Video Campaign  “Discover the Most Pleasurable Way to Poop”
Squatty Potty Earned Global Fame for its Iconic Prince  and Pooping Unicorn; Now the Beloved Brand Adds  New Characters to its Fantasy Universe in a New  Harmon Brothers-Crafted Campaign
(St. George, UT—October 18, 2017) Squatty Potty, the creators of Squatty Potty® toilet  stools and toilet spray bathroom products, is a fast-growing family business based in Saint George, Utah which has become a worldwide sensation. Featured on Shark Tank and well-known for it’s hilarious, viral social media-driven ad campaigns, the company has sold more than 4 million products in the U.S. to date. In 2015, Harmon Brothers 
created a now-iconic ad for Squatty Potty called “This Unicorn Changed the Way I  Poop”, earning 170 million views in social media to date. 

Today, Squatty Potty is pleased to present a brand-new campaign entitled “Discover the  Most Pleasurable Way to Poop” featuring new characters “Goldie Drops” The Dragon and The Merman, in the company’s most ambitious campaign to date. 
“Our first Squatty Potty campaign forged new territory in advertising. We were trying  something that had not been done before, and we knew it was a bold risk. That decision paid off, so much so that it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t seen our ads. Today, we’ve elected to double-down, expanding the narrative with new characters and a new direction,” said Bobby Edwards, CEO of Squatty Potty. “We know people are going to love it, and can’t wait to see how this new creative take an already booming business to greater and greater heights.” 

“In this campaign, we decided to bring back The Prince, but add new characters, new  color and new jokes to introduce the Squatty Potty message to even more people. For fans, this is going to be a natural addition to the ads they already love. And for those who haven’t heard of Squatty Potty, it stands on its own, once again making a solid case for why this is such a fantastic product,” said Daniel Harmon, Creative Director at Harmon Brothers.
Watch the ad on Facebook HERE: https://facebook.com/squattypotty/videos/1659878044083648/ 
The Harmon Brothers is a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the most viral ad in internet history. Since 2013, the company has created 15 groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have at least 300 million views.  
Founded in 2011, Squatty Potty, LLC is a consumer products company whose product liines consist of toilet stools, sprays and other bathroom accessories. Its flagship product, the Squatty Potty stool, is designed to help users assume the squatting position while using the bathroom, delivering fast, complete elimination with comfort and ease. In 2014, the Company was featured on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, and became the second most successful company in the history of the show. In 2015, the Company launched a wildly successful marketing campaign featuring a viral YouTube video that has garnered over 170 million views to date and won the 2016 Webby Award. 

Currently Squatty Potty products are sold in over 6,000 retail locations globally including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Costco, Walmart and Target. Connect on social media #squattypotty, #poopbetter, @squattypotty
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