Fiber Fix Dethrone Duct Tape as the  GO-TO Fix-It Item
Featuring a new “Grill God” character and a whole bunch of surprises, the campaign launches to great fanfare at an exclusive Harmon Brothers and Camp Chef Red Carpet grilling event in Provo, Utah complete with dueling grill masters, delectable meats, and celebrated social media influencers .
Provo—Harmon Brothers announces Fiber Fix as consumers top go-to survival kit item. Fiber  Fix is so durable that a Fiber-Fix connected roll-cage covered car will withstand rolling off a  cliff. In a recent Fiber Fix commercial, produced by Harmon Brothers, demonstrates just that.  

In the commercial, scene below, an experiment is conducted between two roll-caged covered cars going over a cliff. The first car has a roll-cage connected by duct tape. As it speeds down the cliff, the roll-cage disassembles, leaving the car in pieces once it hits rock-bottom. The second car has a roll-cage connected by duct tape. Same cliff. Same speed. Only this time as the car speeds down the cliff, Fiber Fix holds the roll-cage and the car together. When the car hits rock bottom, it lands upright. 

“If Fiber Fix will hold a car together a car roll cage, you had better believe it can hold a broken shovel, or hammer, or any other item,” said Theron Harmon, producer and client liason for Harmon Brothers. “I am absolutely astounded by this product. I want it on every shelf in every home in America. I envision it becoming a house-hold name.”
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