Harmon Brothers Launches Mouthwatering New Campaign for Camp Chef “The Secret Weapon of BBQ Perfection”
Featuring a new “Grill God” character and a whole bunch of surprises, the campaign launches to great fanfare at an exclusive Harmon Brothers and Camp Chef Red Carpet grilling event in Provo, Utah complete with dueling grill masters, delectable meats, and celebrated social media influencers .
(Provo, UT—May 3, 2017) Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history, has earned national headlines and 200 million+ views for its social blockbusters such as Squatty Potty, FiberFix, OraBrush, Poo Pourri, Purple, and so many other hits. Today, the renowned social media spot makers are rolling out a new, mouthwatering sensation in a campaign for Camp Chef. Entitled The Secret Weapon of BBQ Perfection, the ad profiles Camp Chef’s new Woodwind Grill, an innovation that will change the way Americans grill at home.

“This campaign is a first for us. We’ve been successful in launching completely new brands into the marketplace, but with Camp Chef we are accelerating an established brand and launching a new product via social media. It’s very exciting,” said Daniel Harmon, Creative Director at Harmon Brothers. “We believe hardcore grillers and everyday folks who just want a great way to cook are going to enjoy this ad and the Woodwind Grill. It’s an innovative product that brings gourmet steakhouse-quality grilling into your backyard. We had a lot of fun creating the ‘Grill god’ and other characters, and hope that they will become as beloved and celebrated as the iconic characters we’ve come up with in the past.” 

The new Camp Chef campaign announcing the Woodwind Grill was revealed at an exclusive, lunchtime red carpet launch party featuring a grill master BBQ battle, delectable meats for attendees to sample, and a surprise “Grill god” theme built around the new character created in this video. Social media influencers, members of the business community, and others found plenty to share, taste, video, and capture in today’s action-packed event in Provo, Utah.
Agency: Harmon Brothers
Creative Director: Daniel Harmon
Agency Managing Director: Benton Crane
Director of Accounts: Theron Harmon
Producer: Shane Rickard
Line Producers: Jonah Rindlisbacher, Daniel Harmon
Writers: Jonny Vance, Matt Meese, Whitney Meek, Malory Everton
Director: Daniel Harmon
Co-Director: Shane Rickard
1st AD: Willem Kampenhout
2nd AD/Project Manager: Tiffani Barth
Grill god: J.W. Hutson
Kyle: Logan Rogan
Vegan goddess: Jaclyn Hales
Director of Photography: Tyler Stevens
Food Cinematographer: Simon Paul
1 st AC: Max Carter
Gaffer: Phil Shepherd
Key Grip: Kevin Woodward
Food Stylist: Suzy Eaton
Editor: Kaitlin Snow
Visual Effects Supervisor: Josh Badger
Digital Effects: Tyler Stevens, Josh Badger, Nick Dixon
Graphic Design: Brett Crockett
Production Sound: Jacob Edvalson
Sound Design: Bryan Densley
Behind The Scenes: Mike Henderson

Client: Campchef
Client: COO: Brandon Sparrow
Director of Marketing: Travis Simon
VP of Marketing Kent Millecam
Founder/President Ty Measom
Harmon Brothers is a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history. Since 2013, the company has created 15 groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have at least 300 million views.
Camp Chef, a Vista Outdoor brand, has been an industry-leading manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment, including stoves, smokers and cast iron cookware, for more than 25 years. From the backcountry to the back patio, Camp Chef is The Way to Cook Outdoors. Visit for more information.
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