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Could Your Business Use a Marketing Campaign Like These?
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The Harmon Brothers Marketing Audit is a precision tool for evaluating your current marketing efforts. It identifies both strengths and deficiencies at their core and provides guidance for adjustments that will enhance current efforts and improve marketing results. 

Once addressed, any weaknesses in the system will become strengths that help you to improve and accelerate your business in a surprisingly short period of time.

We use this same process with our video clients to lay the foundation for successful video campaigns, and extended business success. The magic of our creative starts with the Marketing Audit.
It’s not you, it’s us!
Let’s get started.
We’re currently inundated with marketing audit requests and not accepting additional requests at this time.

But all is not lost! If you’re interested in learning more about how our team can help you scale your business in months instead of years, click here or on the button below to learn more!
To get the ball rolling, we need information to help us begin the evaluation. The form below consists of 21 questions (we’re nothing if not thorough). Please answer all questions as accurately and completely as possible. Remember, better information in results in better information out.
Once you submit the form, a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly. The marketing audit is delivered via phone—facilitating a discussion where all of your questions can be answered.
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